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A hierarchy is a system of people organized by rank, where the person at the top has rulership. That person is known as the hierarch.


We believe every one of us has a hierarchy within: between our spirit and our flesh. Our spirit is our internal guide and gift from our Creator, The Most High God. Our flesh represents everything bad, weak, corrupt, get the point.

The outside world surrounds us with poison, hoping our flesh overwhelms us. Thankfully, our spirit has the antidote; and HIIARK uses its gifts and biblical principle towards our mission to help athlete's spirit become ruler in their lives...and when it does, we Win Forever


Consider HIIARK clothing as your uniform. Aside from the dope designs (if we do say-so ourselves), let it serve as a reminder that in the daily battle between spirit and flesh, you can and will win. The journey is one day at a time. The destination is forever.


See you at the top!


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