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To continue, click "Non-Disclosure Agreement" below to review the terms. This Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is designed to protect the relationship between you and HIIARK Clothing and Footwear (HIIARK). HIIARK will design at least one basketball (1) uniform, consisting of a jersey (front and back) and shorts (front only) to use at your discretion for the 2024 AAU season. You are not restricted to keep any/all elements of the uniform design, however, you do agree to keep all HIIARK branding (the "HIIARK" name; the "H" Logo a.k.a. FLIIER; the "BCM WHO YOU ARE" slogan; and "BCM" shorthand) if utilized on the final version of the uniform mockup. HIIARK agrees to design and provide a copy of the uniform mockup only, and is not responsible for the printing or manufacturing of the actual uniform. You acknowledge that any breach of this agreement can result in legal action and potential damages. You also agree to indemnify HIIARK for any losses or damages that may result from any breach of the agreement. If you agree, please complete the fields and sign below to move forward to the order form. Your personal information will not be shared with any third parties without your explicit consent.

Thanks for your interest in a jersey design by HIIARK.

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