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Everything that has a beginning has an end. TV shows (no matter how many seasons they drop), your favorite meal, basketball, this world, our lives. We don’t mean to dampen the mood, but one day we’ll pass away…it’s not scary, it’s natural. 


But what happens to our souls after our flesh expires? The lone exception to the list of things that have a beginning and ending is our Creator, The Most High God; and our souls belong to Him. He is the ultimate Judge and decides what happens to our forever. 


In the Book of Ezekiel (18th Chapter, 4th verse), The Most High declares:


“Every soul is mine; the soul of the parent, as well as the soul of the child —— both are mine; and the soul that sins will die.”


Your spiritual walk is yours alone. You are responsible for your forever. HIIARK was birthed to help you better understand how to live a life pleasing to The Most High, so He allows your soul to live. That’s how you Win Forever.


Think of us as your point guard —— the John Stockton, J. Kidd, CP3 type. We aim to assist and set you up in positions to help you have success. We also have your back and defend you against the relentless enemy. It’s our pleasure to steal the devil’s joy, all day everyday. Everything The Most High allows us to do, we do with enthusiasm, and pray it helps you with your daily spiritual walk. 


Check out our evolving podcast of bite-sized thoughts and stories, and let it grow your spirit and connection with The Most High. 


Forever starts today. 

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